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We help fashion entrepreneurs make their brand a reality.

Looking for guidance, resources and sourcing solutions, or help managing your production?

Our mission is to build an industry full of empowered entrepreneurs launching and building sustainable and responsible clothing companies. We are your one-stop sourcing solution for building a responsible fashion brand.

We understand the many challenges and concerns fashion entrepreneurs face.

Working offshore can be nerve-wracking for entrepreneurs.

Giving a big chunk of money to a garment factory is scary, and you can feel like you’re not in control. Trust me, I’ve been there and have learned first-hand how late-night deliveries and defective product can cause some serious sleepless nights.

We understand the fears and struggles garment factories face.

Orders for millions of dollars’ worth of goods are cancelled, and pressure is applied for unethical turnaround times. Additionally, brands switch to cheaper manufacturers, without notice, leaving factories with debt and workers without jobs.


Given our real-time experiences, and our understanding of both sides.

In 2014, Source My Garment was founded. Our aim was to create a bridge between small to medium size brands and garment factories. The hope was that this bridge would help both parties understand and respect one another while growing and succeeding together.

There is an easier way to launch a fashion brand.

Inspired by our love for fashion entrepreneurship and support for social responsibility, we help you do what you love, take care of yourself, and create profitable products, responsibly. And that really should be the bottom line, don’t you agree?

Source My Garment can help you if:

  • You’re excited to get your products out to the world
  • You’re searching for the right information, materials, people and factory
  • You’re finding that managing everything on your own is complex
  • You’re almost, if not already, burnt out. (Don’t worry, I get it)

Ready to make your brand a reality?

Responsible Sourcing Solutions

Our Core Values:

Fair Trade – We believe in brands that create products which value people, the planet and profits in equal measure.

Creativity or Integrity? – We have the courage to create with the heart and build with the mind.

Compassion – We practice kindness and uplift one another. We were all born to give.

Curiosity – We have a thirst to learn, seek out new experiences and opportunities.

Relationships – We are all on the same team, dedicated to helping one another. We win together.

Supply Chain Transparency – We believe in partners dedicated to transparency; businesses built on integrity and lasting relationships.