• About You, Me & Us


Our mission is to empower all brands, both big and small, to responsibly manufacture products. By helping fashion brands to stitch sustainability into everything they do, we have the power to be a “force for change”.


Together We Can Do More Good

Responsible Sourcing Solutions

Our Core Values:

Fair Trade – We believe in brands that create products which value people, the planet and profits in equal measure.

Creativity or Integrity? – We have the courage to create with the heart and build with the mind.

Compassion – We practice kindness and uplift one another. We were all born to give.

Curiosity – We have a thirst to learn, seek out new experiences and opportunities.

Relationships – We are all on the same team, dedicated to helping one another. We win together.

Supply Chain Transparency – We believe in partners dedicated to transparency; businesses built on integrity and lasting relationships.

How We Empower Fashion Brands

In 2014, Source My Garment was founded as a bridge between fashion brands and garment factories. No matter where you are at in your business we are here to help.

Established brands, that have the capacity to manufacture overseas, have access to a trusted partner that has the expertise for on-time, to spec deliveries while minimizing costs. We provide both custom manufacturing solutions and private label products saving time and money.

Not quite ready to manufacture overseas? We got you. Source My Garment provides resources and tools to get your business to the next level. We provide guides, templates, coaching, online courses and our very own book empowering brands to succeed.

Our mission is to make it easier for any size brand to sell responsibly made products. The Good Tee is a collections of sustainable basics which are a blank canvas for brands to print on. Fashion startups can rip out our back neck label and replace it with their own. Established brands can integrate their values of being responsible by purchasing The Good Tee for uniforms or promotional use. We customize any product from start to finish.

Together we can do more good.