Coaching Package 1

  • Coaching Package 1

The “Will it Work?” Feasibility Package

“I’ve got this fab idea…Now all I need to do is to ensure it will profitable before I launch it!”


You would never get in a bath without testing the water, so why would you launch a product without first assessing how hot or cool the market for it is? No matter what size or type of business you run, performing market research is critical to your overall success. Determining everything from sales and marketing to product development serves as the foundation of the entire business strategy.

Research also informs the creative process. The insights you get from your research can influence your actual product design, as well as pricing and marketing strategies.

Ultimately, the goal is to find a niche, prove your product can sell, and fill the demand.


Step by step, here’s the process we go through with you. At the end of it, you’ll have a targeted business strategy that’s based on cold hard facts rather than on feelings.

  • How to identify a viable business idea, niche and create a targeted strategy;
  • How to analyze market research to minimize the risk;
  • How to confidently make business decisions to generate growth;
  • How to price, cost and manage budgets to plan for profitability;
  • Insights into actual product design and marketing strategies.


You read our guides to enable you to better research and gather info. I review the work, and together we discuss the analysis and next steps.

1. Clarity worksheet – Before we dive in, I’ll send you a worksheet to clarify where you are and what you want to achieve. After that, we’ll do a 30-minute review to get us both on the same page

2. Milestone 1 – Secondary Research – You gather competitor research, shop the market, collect data and much more. I’ll walk you through the various ways of gathering information for us to analyze.

3. Milestone 2 – Primary Research – You will establish clear goals, gain insight into shopping behaviours, product attributes, demographics and more. Establish research methods and an executable plan.

4. Milestone 3 – Analysis Worksheet (SWOT) – Get clarity on what your niche is, the problem you’re solving, product offering and market demand. I’ll review and provide any further feedback.

5. Milestone 4 – Number Crunching. AKA how the numbers add up: merchandising plan (SKUs), establishing retail, wholesale and target costs (to manufacture) and manufacturing budget.

6. Milestone 5 – Vision & Moodboard – I’ll show you how these boards can help you to plan and provide an intuitive way to brainstorm, organize, and play with your research.

Submit all your milestones for me for comments/review. Book a Power Hour consult so we can review your work, provide feedback and analysis. Then I can provide recommendations for next steps.


    1. Smart Goals Worksheet
    2. Primary Market Research Guides
    3. Secondary Research Guides
    4. Competitor Matrix Templates
    5. Shopping The Market cheat sheet
    6. Folders to keep you all organized
    7. Market Analysis Template (SWOT)
    8. Target & Wholesale, Retail Cost Calculator Template
    9. Production Budget Planning Template
    10. Mood Board & Vision Board Guides
    11. Dee time- 30 min + 1 power hour


Startup yearly budget template ($50 value)

Investment: $597
Duration: 3-6 weeks

Dee’s 100% Guarantee:

If this training course isn’t awesome for you, I will offer a full refund within 30 days. If you read all the material, use the templates, do the work and still feel it’s not a fit for you, just tell us why and you’ll get a full refund. – Dee

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