Coaching Package 3

  • Coaching Package 3

Our “Make it Happen” Manufacturing Package

“I have my prototype and tech pack – I’m ready for production. I want to produce my goods faster, waste less money, enhance my efficiency, minimize risk and have an expert I can rely on.”


Do you want to be profitable? Of course, you do! Moving your idea into production isn’t a simple endeavor, but being organized and efficient will save you time, headaches, and money. To guide you through the many steps of the process, I’ve designed a clear and concise program that takes the guesswork out of how to create and sustain a profitable fashion business.


  • Advice on how a work-back schedule and a time-and-action calendar can help you organize, prepare, and plan the product development and the manufacturing process so you can stay on time and keep on track.
  • Advice on how to confidently make business decisions to generate growth.
  • Advice on how to work with the factory on speeding up the process and getting the best quality.
  • How to price, cost and manage budgets to plan for profitability.
  • How to source, select and work with the right manufacturer (local or offshore).
  • How to plan, find, hire and build the right team to push your products off the shelf.
  • How to manage and establish quality standards.
  • Best of all, there’s plenty of Dee time to help you with any bumps you encounter along the way.

And much more…


With the help of our guides, it walks you through the steps needed to take when working with a manufacturer. At any point during a milestone, you can book some Dee time and I’ll help get you over any bumps or hurdles.

1. Clarity worksheet – Before we dive in, I’ll send you a worksheet to clarify where you are and what you want to achieve. After that, we’ll do a 30-minute review to get us both on the same page.

2. Milestone 1 – Source and select a domestic or offshore manufacturer. Requesting estimates from a manufacturer. After that, we’ll do a to get us both on the same page.

3. Milestone 2 – Registering for a #CA or #RN and getting business documents.

4. Milestone 3 – Create a counter sample to ensure the factory can meet your quality standards and establish costs.

5. Milestone 4 – Make comments and approval for print strike-offs, lab dips, fabric quality, embroidery, trims, embellishments and more. Clients working with domestic manufacturers will need to order materials and trims, check quality and deliver to the factory.

6. Milestone 5 – Placing an order and work with the time and action calendar.

7. Milestone 6 – Check pre-production sample for fit, quality and construction.

8. Milestone 7 – Managing logistics, customs and duties if need be.


    1. Counter Sampling Comments and Approval Worksheet
    2. Time & Action Calendar
    3. Offshore Factory Visit Checklist
    4. Target & Wholesale, Retail Cost Calculator Template
    5. Production Budget Planning Template
    6. Folders to keep you all organized
    7. Dee Time- You can book 30 min or 1-hour meetings depending on your needs – 4 Hours total coaching included. The option of additional coaching time – (booked at a discounted rate)


Startup yearly budget template ($50 value).

Investment: $997
Duration: 12 weeks

Dee’s 100% Guarantee:

If this training course isn’t awesome for you, I will offer a full refund within 30 days. If you read all the material, use the templates, do the work and still feel it’s not a fit for you, just tell us why and you’ll get a full refund. – Dee

Hey, I’m Dee, the resident expert at Source My Garment

My 10 years’ expertise spans the whole industry, from sustainable product development and offshore manufacturing to project management and business strategy.
If you’re launching a fashion business, and want to do it ethically and profitably, I’m the person you need to call.