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Hey There!

I’m Dee (aka Adila), founder of, and resident expert, at Source My Garment.

Globetrotter, serial entrepreneur, writer, garment manufacturing consultant, and supporter of responsible fashion entrepreneurship, I’m the sum of all those things that have fed and nurtured my passion for Fair Trade. I’m also a DIY junkie obsessed with plants and cats.

With over twenty years experience of working in the fashion industry, my expertise includes sustainable product development, offshore manufacturing processes, end-to-end management, and business strategy.

I have an unshakable dedication to helping fashion brands make their mark in the industry. I’m proud to have founded Source My Garment in 2014, a company that helps fashion startups source and manufacture responsibly.

Here are some of my career highlights:

  • In 2003 I launched the successful children’s clothing line, Shortstak Boyswear, which was nominated for Most Innovative New Company by Earnshaw’s Magazine. We had 4 reps and were represented by 25 stores across the country
  • In 2008, I launched Pure Blankz Organic Fashion, a line of ethically-produced blank garments for designers to print on, which Apparel Magazine recognized, as one of the Top 40 Innovators of 2009. Generated over $120k by the second year.
  • Source My Garment has been featured in Apparel Magazine, The Sourcing Journal, The Epoch Times, Just-Style, and many other publications. The Women in Biz network nominated me for the Social for Good Award in 2015.
  • After graduating from Kwantlen University with a Bachelor in Fashion Design and the Fashion Marketing program, I went on to work for several apparel manufacturing companies in both Canada and the United States.

Ready to Manufacture?

Let's turn those ideas into products!

Any monkey can design a cute dress or two, but real fashion entrepreneurs can crank out profitable products that consumers need (and buy) season after season. My coaching packages are designed to set you up for success.

I’ll help you prepare for production, plan effectively, manage budgets, avoid potential manufacturing problems, manage a team, design sustainably — the whole process, from start to finish.

With proven templates, detailed guides, and one-to-one coaching time, I make sure you get the support and expertise you need to wash, rinse, and repeat for new deliveries.

Start Building Your Dream Fashion Business Today!

There are three ways we can work together to turn your ambitions into reality.
I’ve put together three packages especially for fashion startups, for whatever stage of the game you’re at. We’ll work together as a team, at a pace and depth that suits you.

The “Will it Work?” Feasibility Package

Got an amazing idea but not sure if it’ll be profitable?
Get data-backed validation before you invest the big bucks.

Perfect if you:

  • Have an amazing idea on how to impact the fashion industry
  • Are ready to overcome the feeling of being stuck or frustrated
  • Want to hone your niche
  • Are looking to lock down your manufacturing costs and pricing model
  • Want certainty that your products will sell

Investment: $597
Duration: 3-6 weeks

Forbes magazine famously reported that 90% of startups fail. Nine out of ten! “The top reason that startups fail is: “They make products no one wants.”

The “Get Ready For Production” Prototype Package

Want to start production, and avoid costly mistakes?
Equip yourself with the right tools to convey what you need with clarity.

Perfect if you:

  • Want to be sure you’re working with the right factory in the most efficient way
  • Need to create your tech pack and prototype
  • Need support hiring your team; pattern maker, sample maker, graphic artist, tech pack designer and more
  • Want expertise on how to achieve fit, conduct a fit session and take spec measurements.
  • Need to comply with labelling laws and/or regulations for your product

Investment: $797
Duration: 8-12 weeks

Most startups invest in manufacturing before understanding what’s involved in creating their product. If you don’t know your specifics, how will your factory?

The “Make it Happen” Manufacturing Package

Looking for a step-by-step process to create profitable products?
Navigate every challenge with confidence, with a trusted expert at your side.

Perfect if you:

  • Are ready to start building your dream fashion business
  • Are looking for help sourcing the right fabrics and factory
  • Want to create profitable products (who doesn’t?!)
  • Are deciding whether to go offshore or stay local with manufacturing
  • Want to create a production plan that aligns with your goals
  • Don’t have experience working with factories
  • Want to avoid potential manufacturing problems
  • Need support navigating the complexities of manufacturing

Investment: $997
Duration: 12 weeks +

A trusted sidekick is there for you – to assess your advantage, to give advice – and provide the confidence to move forward.

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“Actually, Dee, I’m just looking for an hourly rate to get my questions answered. “

Sure thing, I can get those covered – from $260/hour – access my calendar and book here.

Not sure where to start? Book a free introductory call with Dee first.

“I trust Source My Garment more than anyone”

Starting a clothing line can be daunting, I trust Source My Garment more than anyone with my line. They make things happen and I can be sure it’s manufactured right and ethically. If you are thinking about getting help manufacturing your line I can tell you it would be the best and smartest decision you could make.

Aleem Arif
Creative Director, Banoeeme

“Knowledge of business and dedication to her client’s success”

“The experience and connections in overseas product development, knowledge of business and dedication to her client’s success coupled with an infectious creative energy makes them the cornerstone for your idea to become a reality!”

Kate Almond
Owner at Underdoodles

“Very happy with the final outcome.”

I worked with Dee to produce a collection for my maternity line in 2010. It was the first time I ever considered looking offshore for manufacturing. My overall experience from sampling to finished product was great. I was always in the know of what stage we were at and overall very happy with the final outcome. Dee is very knowledgeable in the manufacturing world.

Ali McEwen
Owner/Designer of Baby On Board Apparel

“Experts in fair trade and sustainable clothing manufacturing.”

“I want to offer my sincere thanks to Source My Garment for delivering a top quality product that is so soft and comfortable to wear. They were all the help I needed to get started. Relying on their knowledge in the fair trade and sustainable manufacturing area helped me so that I was able to focus on the graphic design which is what I do best. They delivered a top-quality finished product. I am very impressed with the service and quality I received.”

Maureen Bradshaw
Owner/Designer of Lovbird Design