Workback Schedule (Task Planning Template)


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While it may feel easier to start planning a project with a kick off date, manufacturing offshore requires us to work backwards from an end date or goal.
Otherwise, how can you ensure everything gets done in order to meet the delivery date?
The work back schedule will help guide you on a weekly basis as what you should be doing to keep you on schedule to achieve deadlines for an entire year.
It can be tweaked to fit your business model(even local production), by adding tasks or removing them.

Before you place an order with the factory, you must estimate a production lead time, factor in delivery transit times and other key stages in manufacturing.

Planning for production includes the time you need to design, create prototypes, counter sampling with the factory, procuring materials to logistics to.

This template is meant to organize, keep you on track and plan the entire process for your production orders.

Apparel industry professionals use a workback schedule and so should you.

About Adila Cokar

Adila Cokar (aka Dee) is a media-acclaimed, award-winning serial entrepreneur and author of the recently released book "Source My Garment - The Insider’s Guide To Responsible Offshore Manufacturing". She has over a decade of experience working closely with offshore factories, as well as partnering with and building social businesses within the fashion industry. Her expertise includes sustainable product development, offshore manufacturing processes, end-to-end management, and business strategy. She has been featured in Apparel Magazine, Sourcing Journal, The Epoch Times,, and more.