Garment Manufacturing Start-Up Budget, Yearly Budget & Profit & Loss Template

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This template was created for brands that manufacture any product made of fabric- both locally or offshore.

An essential tool to breakdown expected income, expenses and cash needs for start-up, monthly and a yearly budget giving you a complete financial overview or expenses.

The start-up budget sheet will help you understand what your initial investment will be, while the monthly and yearly sheets will help you keep track of your expenses and create a long term financial plan.

Profit & Loss (PNL)-is a financial statement that summarizes the revenues, costs and expenses incurred during a specific period of time, usually a fiscal quarter or year.   The purpose of the PNL statement is to allow you to understand if you are making money (profit) or are losing money (loss) for the year.  The detailed lines in the PNL statement allow you to focus on areas where you can improve on your business and make it more profitable (for instance if your logistics costs are coming in much higher than you originally planned from the yearly budget), and will allow you to concentrate on those lines to help you improve your profitability.  The PNL can also help you plan your margins, to understand if you need to raise prices, or decrease your costs if they are too high.

Add to cart $25.00

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