• Sustainability

Ethical Manufacturing From Start To Finish

Source My Garment was conceived based on fair trade values and the need to provide both quality and affordability. To meet these demands we have established strategic relationships with garment factories that have grown over the years. Our relationships with manufacturers are based on mutual respect, shared philosophies, and the desire for all to prosper. We maintain regular contact via phone and video conference and schedule in-person visits to ensure our ethical checklists are being maintained. Wherever possible, certifications are sought. Most importantly we take the time to really understand the people we work with – many of whom, like us, are passionate about “giving back” to their community.

Fashion A Better World

Source My Garment believes in manufacturing environmental-friendly clothing. Like any good product design, clothing development, production and distribution can be accomplished in a better, smarter, and more socially and environmentally sustainable way. From raw fiber to finished garments, sustainability is something can be woven into fashion – we help make it happen.

Supply Chain Transparency

requires that companies know who makes their clothes – from who stitched them right through to who dyed the fabric and who farmed the cotton — and under what conditions. We have no issues sharing this information publicly.

Check out some of the factories footage

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